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Ife Morrison

If she’s a cardiologist by trade, Ife Morrison is a worship leader and songwriter by talent. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, a well-known artistic hub for country, soul, and contemporary Christian and gospel music, she treats the hearts of patients in surrounding counties, with an intentional focus on rural communities.

Ife is dedicated to marrying her love for treating the human body’s most vital organ with her ministry for leading worship. Along with her husband Ese and their two toddler daughters Demi and Dara, she attends the Jesus House - Redeemed Christian Church of God assembly in south Nashville, where she’s led a passionate praise and worship team for almost ten years. Armed with gifts of group leadership strategy, effective anthem selection and congregation engagement, music comes as naturally to Ife as does medicine. She infuses her physician’s approach with a healthy dose of empathy and emotional intelligence, approaching any patient interaction not only as an opportunity for physical healing, but spiritual healing as well. Whether she’s holding the microphone or stethoscope, Ife is looking to carry those around her to a higher, healed place.


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