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Nike Adegoke

Born in Ibadan, Western Africa, Nike, from a young age was drawn to the music of artists like Mary Mckee, Ron Kenoly and the Maranatha Singers.  As an only child, Nike spent a great deal of her childhood reading and writing. She began writing songs at 10 and began singing in fellowship groups and Christian youth concerts as a teenager.  Married to award winning choir director and music producer Tobi Adegoke, a.k.a. Tobikeyz, Nike has been involved in worship ministry for over 25 years and is passionate about pure worship and the Word of God. She believes that one can not worship God without knowing Him and delving deeply into His Word daily. After battling infertility for 8 years, Nike and her husband welcomed their first baby girl, Temi in 2019 and a baby boy, Tomi in 2021. Her testimony deeply influences her message and the power of her worship. Nike's latest project, One Word: the album project presents her body of work in the ministry of worship and with this introduction to the world, she boldly declares that God’s Word is alive,powerful and able to heal, save and deliver.

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